Why Choose Professional Portrait Photography?

Customize your profile and start with your “headline” Your profile becomes your LinkedIn virtual handshake and is the first thing people will see and read. Clearly represent what you do and think about search engines too.

The shutter speed you use also plays a part in the final look of the image. A faster shutter speed will stop motion and a slower shutter speed can might show some blur.

Space will naturally fill up fast so don’t waste time and book your appointment in advance today online. A $50 deposit is required for advancing book and the balance is due on the day of the event. In addition to getting a boca raton professional-head-shots of your dog for the holiday season, Rodgers is also including a CD of 10 digital images suitable for printing plus ten 4×6 single pints of said images. Now that’s a bargain that only comes once a year.

Most of the time, we stick with set lighting. This is great for traditional photos, but that is not what we are after this time. We want to catch everyone off guard, but do it when pizzazz. So, how do we do this? We change the way we use lighting. Instead of finding the best light in the woods, you can light only half their face with natural light (light vs. dark). Also, you can use bright, colored lighting to really add to an otherwise bland picture. Just imaging a wedding portrait where the bride is surrounded by a sunlight shroud? What about a prom picture that is enamored with bright blues and reds from the stage surrounding? Play around and have fun with it.

Times are changing. After being a professional photographer for over thirty years I have never experienced the changes that have evolved over the past eight years. In past time you knew that there were seasons that kept you busy. Spring flowers and warm weather would have the phone ringing with families and seniors calling to schedule outdoor portrait sessions. Fall colors and the threat of cooler temperatures would remind every one of the approaching holidays so they would call to schedule a portrait session they would use for holiday gift giving.

Speaking of getting right in there, I was in Las Vegas and found a crowd of people watching and taking pictures of three living statues. These beautiful girls were clothed and painted in one color and looked like real statues. Just once in a while they would move ever so slightly. Similar to the English guard, they will not even move to accept a tip or compliment. I carefully worked myself into the center of the crowd and took a photograph…well, okay, lots of photographs. After a few minutes I realized that the crowd had opened up for me, and I had all the elbow room I wanted.

Keep it personal. A time capsule is popular nowadays. You can buy one online or make your own and stuff it with treasure memories of your relationship in certain time period, such as letters, ticket stubs, and newspaper clippings of some special events. Set a date and let the person open the time capsule at that point in the future time.