Water Damage May Damage Your Family

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“I went to a convention in Canada, in Toronto. I think it was [19]82. A guy came up to me and stated ‘I’ve got this NASA photograph. Do you understand this?’ And it was an Apollo shot. And it was an official lithograph that they launch. I’ve received hundreds of these lithographs.

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Among these whistleblowers are US Air Power Sergeant Karl Wolfe, former NASA employee Donna Hare, and former NASA engineer John Schuessler. Wolfe and Hare exposed some of NASA’s misdeeds at the May 9, 2001 Disclosure Project push conference in Washington, D.C. They each offered to give comparable testimony prior to the U.S. Congress.

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Many people informed me they woke up one early morning and the water was everywhere. All the things, belongings on the flooring had been moist, some of them were broken because of to contact with water. Carpets, rugs are in some intense cases gone forever, not to mention the furniture that might be damages as nicely.

I don’t understand how anyone can let their non potty trained child in the shared water hoping there won’t be mishaps. Let alone using a child with diarrhea to a pool.