Varieties Of Genital Warts In Addition To Their Treatment Using Ayurveda

If you are a woman the stretch marks always make you embarrassed. The moment you try to go out the fear of being exposed in the public eye becomes so acute that you become reluctant to step further. But you are not responsible for the stretch marks. These marks are innocent’s scars but never cause any health hazard. If you are interested in ayurvedic mode of treatment your marks are sure to be wiped out quite completely without leaving behind any scar. But to get rid of them in ayurveda style you must have patience and take proper care of your skin in a regular basis.

After sharing his medical and treatment history, Mahadevan took his doctor friend around the house. Bingo! The doctor noticed something that did wonders to Mahadevan. He pointed that the water storage tank is right above Mahadevan’s bedroom. That was keeping the bedroom very humid which could probably be aggravating the Asthmatic condition.

Our digestive fire is just like the camp fire. If our agni is too low then the food we ingest won’t be cooked/digested properly, leaving it to move undigested into the rest of the digestive system. Our cells can’t benefit from the nutrients in the food and waste matter clogs up the system and prevents the available nutrients from getting through. Not the more efficient way to get our energy.

The hair follicle contains oil secreting glands which make the hair shiny.Stress and illness diminish secretion of oil and pigments causing graying of hair.

For sunburn – f the sunburned area is small, apply the lavender oil and repeat as necessary. If the area is large, add twenty drops of lavender oil to a cool bath and soak for 10-20 minutes. You can make a soothing spray by adding 10 drops of lavender oil to 1 pint (300 ml) of cool, clean water.

According to Gyanmajri, the mind has three different characteristics, known as the Gunas, namely Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. A mind dominant in Sattva is peaceful, relaxed and strong. In this state, the intelligence is active and one can discriminate between what is good and what is bad. Rajas is responsible for an active mind, but when Sattva is low and Rajas is dominant, the mind is negatively active and will come up with do things that can harm the body. Tamas indicates an inert or dull state of mind and, when dominant, it generates confusion.

The love of people of India and the cultural heritage make it a suitable destination one of the hottest tourist spot in the world. There is a legacy in India and this nation is called the source of all bliss. All these things have been explained in the books and guides of the lonely planet India. When you go to the travel book stores, you will find the materials and books on India. Before planning the trip of India, it is better if you consult the map of the country and the type of tourism in which you are actually interested in.

When serious about meditating, it’s best to relax in a comfortable and quiet location. Deep, relaxed breathing and the absence of conscious thought is the goal of meditation. Getting there is the hard part.. Add wind, change the color, but deviate the image only slightly. Focus on this until it’s very solidly in your mental vision and you can change the picture with ease, and then focus on nothing at all for a time.