Safety Cleaning Tips For A Gas Grill

If we can, we always want to try choice a. It is usually cheaper, and there is a sense of accomplishment when we can solve a problem together. Of course, to do things yourself, you need to have tools, which means you need to have storage for those tools.

After cleaning, remove the sear plates. If there is hardened debris on the sear plates, try removing through a scraper. Get a clean brush and remove the excess soot or ash. Make sure you remove all dirt and ash particles. Use the brush to push the collected debris and ashes into the drip pan.

Try not to rotate the ignition knob roughly. A well-maintained grill should ignite the first time you rotate the ignition knob. If it takes a few turns to ignite the grill, there could be something wrong with the flow of propane gas in the grill. You might have to check the burner, the gas hose or the venturi of the equipment.

Remember the better you clean your grill the better your food will taste. Each time you use your grill, the more ash will begin to build up. For this reason, try to clean your grill after each use.

Another great thing about cooking with a gas grill is the cleanup. It is very easy to best way to clean a gas grill because there are no ashes or mess from charcoal dust or wood. You can let your grill stay hot for ten minutes after you are done cooking and scrape it down a bit and you will be all set. The heat will clean the grill on its own quite well.

Clean the grates right after the barbecue party. This way, the food residues can still be removed easily. To get rid of fats and excess food, turn the grill burner to its highest heat setting. This will allow the excess fats to drip to the pan. After about 15 minutes, turn the heat off and let it cool down a bit. Spray liquid cleaner on the grates and let it work in dissolving more oil for about a minute. Use brass pan cleaner and scrub the grates. Dampen cloth with water and wipe away the cleaner. Do this until the cleaner residues are completely removed.

After using a Weber natural gas grill, especially products like the Weber Summit grill, many people find it hard to go back to the regular stove or the microwave. An owner of a Weber product usually feels like grilling year-round!