How To Earn Over $300 Per Article From Online Freelance Job Sites

At first glance, landing your next dream job should be easy – write a great resume or CV, send it out and post online, and start fielding phone calls and emails for job interviews. However, many people consider the resume writing process to be one of the most challenging aspects of a job search.

Do you just show up at interviews and expect to do well or do you practice?. Do you look for coaching about CV or hire an expert to write one for you or do you expect to learn from your mistakes and miss opportunities though lack of preparedness? Have you read a book to help you do a better job job hunting or are you going through the motions and think you’ll get a job anyway?

For example, as I was seeking a position as a newspaper reporter, I had less than a year of journalism experience, and that was on staff of my school paper.

This is where a good resume is differentiated from a bad one. Properly structured, crisply written and briefly explained with good grammar, a highly technical resume can do wonders to a candidate’s prospects of getting the interview call.

Remember, this is a real job. The first thing you need to do is create or update your resume. While you are doing this begin writing down the kind of work you would like to be doing. Just because you were a customer service representative doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do at your next job. Don’t go too far outside your skill set, unless you want to get new skills through training or educational programs. If this is the case, check with your local colleges to see if they have free training and/or classes in the area you want to focus your job search on.

In the example of the resume Ebook, you can even contact other affiliates who are selling that product. Yes – your competitors! Find anyone selling an eBook about writing resumes and ask them to backend your Upsell.

I agree that a good copywriter can write any kind of resume, but most people can’t afford to spend several hundred dollars for something truly bespoke. They just can’t afford it, whether or not it turns out to be worth it in the end. This is where professional help comes in handy.

If you are happy with the amount you are earning, there is no need to be concerned with the hourly rate, but if you are looking to earn a living you may find a benefit in keep closer track of it. Experiment to figure out what types of articles and topics will help you earn the most for the time you put into it.