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For Indian tourists, Delhi is certainly a place to visit. Being the capital of India, this city is a hub of activity. With so much to do you can rest assure that you will never have a dull moment here. What is most striking about this city is the extensive diversity you will find in just about everything. The city’s architecture is a sight to marvel. On one hand you have the stunning ageless gems of the Mughal-era in form of mosques, forts and mausoleums which can be found tucked away in just about every nook and cranny of the city. Then on the other hand, you have the imposing edifices dating back to the colonial period of British ruled India.

My job requires travel. I log in from customer sites, hotel jobs, airports, restaurants and really anyplace I can find WIFI all the time. No matter where I am I can access my company network and do my job. Actually I’m a full time telecommuter so remotely accessing the network is the norm for me. I have a Cisco phone on my desk that has a San Jose number and people only know I’m in Florida when I tell them (which is usually when they want to schedule a meeting at 8:00 p.m. my time). No matter where I am I can work. Which is great. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to return from a business trip without having access to the network. The amount of potentially lost time is staggering.

The ability to network is a vital skill while preparing yourself for future hotel careers. During your time at school, form as many contacts as you can with as many people as possible. Bill Gates may be in the dormitory next door! Classmates in the same major are often superb contacts later on in life. Teachers themselves are often well-respected within their field. They can recommend you to old acquaintances or professionals who are looking to hire soon. As said before, people you intern for often are good resources for meeting other experts in your field.

As important as attire and atmosphere are to your party, ultimately it will be the food that will put your party over the top. If you really want to make your Hawaiian party feel like a real luau, you should include at least a few iconic luau foods. If you make only one luau dish, make it kalua pig. There are many recipes on the web for simple kalua pig that you can make in your oven or crock pot. Other popular menu items include things like poi, lau lau, poke, mahi mahi, haupia and many more. The more luau foods you include in your menu, the more adventurous and exotic your party will feel.

When you land on someone else’s property, you must pay them the amount indicated on the card. This is (mostly) how money changes hands in the game. The rules state you only have to pay the rent if they ask you to do so before the next person rolls the dice. Agree before the game whether your group is going to play by this rule, as some groups don’t find this sporting.

Delhi is a city that puts its own twist to all the cuisines that it has adopted. It is a large city and you can find restaurants serving almost all types of food. Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, South Indian, Lebanese, etc. are rather popular, but they come with their own distinctive Delhi twist. The local chats are available on all roadsides and markets and are worth a try. Make sure you have at least one North Indian meal with lassi when you are there- it is worth it!

Bar touts offer nightly specials, and local vendors offer that special momento of a fantastic vacation. Whether jewelry or pirated DVDs, there is something for everybody. End the evening dancing to pulsing music or chatting with the locals about their family. Being Asia, they will most definitely extend an invitation to dinner the next night.