Grow Your Hair Back Naturally

Have you ever found yourself spending a ton of money on some hair loss product that failed to work the way you expected? It’s a very common experience felt by many hair loss sufferers.

I don’t recommend using natural minoxidil because it usually doesn’t have the same effect that other baldness treatments have. You should probably consider taking the real thing if you insist on using minoxidil.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should try a natural method over the more popular commercial stuff, here’s why. When you use natural methods and substances found in nature to regrow hair, they work with your body’s own way of regrowing hair.

Discover the exact problem at hand. Not everyone loses their hair for the same reasons. You can lose hair due to lack of sufficient nutrients, low blood circulation in the scalp, high DHT levels, and even hormonal imbalances can affect your hair growth.

Products like Rogaine, Procerin and Avacor have shown results with individuals whose hair are still in a growing phase or what’s clinically referred as the anagen stage. The telogen stage is the resting or dormant phase. It’s the one where you start losing your hair. This is where most hair re-growth treatments fail.

If it is too late and you are already bald or have had significant thinning, medical hair restoration may be your only option. Techniques have advanced dramatically from the days of hair plugs. Results are a natural, full head of hair. The process is not overly painful, but you will experience mild discomfort and some swelling. You dermatologist will be able to recommend the right toppik or hair transplant procedure that will meet your expectations. The most important thing is that you feel good and look your best.

First if you’re one who is suffering from hair loss, take note of the fact that baldness doesn’t happen because of heredity. This is probably the most misunderstood thing circulating hair loss. If this isn’t why you’re losing your hair, then what is the cause?

These are just some of the choices you have to treat your hair loss problems. You can adopt them so that you will have healthy hair that you can style any way you like.