Freelance Writing – How To Be Paid Over And Over Again For Your Work

The post directs those interested in writing content to check out some of the content-buying sites out there like Associated Content and Constant Content. It also notes that one can set up an account at Elance so that they can bid on content jobs.

Depending on what type of homebased job you have, the frequency of communication may vary. If you work as a virtual Customer Service Representative, then you are still always communicating with someone – the customers, your colleagues, and your managers. But if you’re working as a freelance writer, most of the time, you are working alone and writing in your home office. So if this is the case, exert more effort to communicate with other people. Chat with friends in Facebook, have a date over the weekends with your partner, sister, friends or a new acquaintance, call old friends, or make new friends online. Writing a journal can also help. Record your problems or progress and read them after a few months to see where you are and what you have accomplished.

With that in mind, let us move on to the tips. The first thing that you need to do is insist that the prospective writer give you a website that contains some of his or her previous works. Such a website functions as an online portfolio, after all. Thus, it would be expected for a content writer – and an experienced one, at that – to have his or her own website where everything is set up nicely. This also exhibits professionalism on the part of the writer. More importantly, this shows that the prospective writer has technical know-how when it comes to developing a website so this is indeed a plus point right here. It does not really matter if the website at hand is a free one or is just an ordinary blog. It is their experience being showcased here, and that is what should matter.

Customer service – If you’re good on the phone, know your way around a computer and have a good rapport with people, there are many companies looking for customer service representatives. Many of these opportunities allow you to work from your own home, and the flexibility is great.

You may think how the end result of a project motivates your other works? If you have completed a project successfully and if client appreciates your work then you have moved a step ahead in freelancing. Clients are your backbones in providing you projects and paying for the same thus clients’ satisfaction and appreciation motivates you a lot.

Don’t wait for people to visit your profile. Get out there and socialize. Make friends, spend time on other profiles. Take time to get to know people. You’ll be surprised at what a difference this makes.

The reason I wrote this brief article was to really show anyone starting up in freelance photography is not cheap but doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either! There will always be equipment you want and can’t afford. Just keep yourself beyond your means and when you score that big contract you can treat yourself!